Top 10 Coffee Shops In The USA

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Consider your favorite coffee shop memories: the aromatic aroma of an excellent roast tickling your nose, people talking and laughing in the background over the faint sound of music, the comforting warmth of a mug, and the rich, deep flavor of a perfectly brewed cup.

Each coffee shop, like each coffee, has its flavor — its own experience. We are fans and appreciators of great coffee experiences, and we've compiled a list of places we admire, which we'll begin sharing so you can enjoy. Here are the top 10 coffee shops in the USA.



It's challenging to stand out in a city as serious about coffee as Austin. However, Try Hard makes it seem simple, thanks to some of the nation's best beers (and beats). Along with the standard menu items, seasonal drinks like the "Chai Rider" and the "Campfire Milkshake." Every morning, DJs spin vinyl and play loud music on the front patio to create the ultimate party atmosphere. A mouthwatering menu of tacos and hash bowls is served along with roasted beans.



This multi-roaster cafe serves some of the best beans roasted in the United States and worldwide, emphasizing Korean beans. This tiny, white coffee shop in Highland Park is a well-liked pit stop all day, and it is one of the best top 10 coffee shops in the USA every day. Farms from all over the country supply the syrup, and the service is top-notch. Try the espresso, milk, and peanut foam in the Cloudy with a Chance of Peanuts. 



This sleek, sophisticated coffee shop is popular with coffee lovers all over the country. About 15 regular coffee options, in addition to a roaster program that changes weekly, are available. It's one of the best places in the nation to find the extraordinary because owner Jeffrey Knott goes above and beyond to find up-and-coming roasters from all over the World. Take a highly sought-after seat at one of the few tables and peruse the menu.



Brooklyn, New York, has plenty of excellent coffee shops. But even so, Drip quickly rose to the top of the list of places to get a superb cup of coffee. They are a multi-roaster shop that occasionally hosts one of the best roasters in the nation, including me!

We're never going to argue with Drip Coffee's good motto, "Slow down and have a coffee," especially when the coffee is this good. Drip's fine folks are committed to creating a coffee experience that can be enjoyed slowly. The specialty here is the pour-over prepared one cup at a time for maximum flavor and aromas. The menu is extensive and includes all of the traditional espresso drinks.



This coffee shop is in Waynesville, North Carolina, a beautiful and quaint mountain town in the state's western region. They have higher standards for coffee quality than most coffee shops in big cities as it is one of the best top 10 coffee shops in the USA, which is why we adore them. But keep your attention on their homemade, equally impressive breakfast items.

Order a cappuccino with a blueberry muffin, a spiced apple and walnut scone, or any of their other delectable fresh-baked breakfast items!



With the help of a Sanremo Cafe Racer, the cafe only offers Dark Moon Coffee, 20 different loose-leaf tea selections, and a variety of Italian sodas. Plenty of plant-based bagels, sandwiches, and pastries are available at this vegetarian cafe. Locals also gush over their vegan donuts. A show and rotating art gallery wall featuring work by regional artists are inside.



Sightglass operates out of five locations throughout the city, but its flagship location is the most impressive. The multi-level, converted warehouse is situated on 7th Street in SoMa and features a roastery, available coffee, and an affogato bar. Even though it's a haven for hipsters, it's still friendly, especially on days when there are free public "cuppings." Freshly roasted beans are also used in the preparation of each cup. The affogato, made with three single-origin espresso beans and offered four Salt & Straw ice cream flavors, is a real treat at this establishment, even though the espresso is excellent.



Ceremony Coffee Roasters is the most well-known brand of coffee in Baltimore. There are currently four cafes scattered throughout the city, plus two more in Annapolis and one in Bethesda. Since they only serve coffees with an 85+ score, the quality is unmatched. Although their smooth-bodied, rich cold brews are what they are best known for, for something truly unique, try the vegan nitro cold brew with Vietnamese influences that is topped with sweetened coconut cream—happiness in a cup.



This one might be one of the most fantastic coffee shops we've ever seen. Only people on foot or bikes can get to their flagship location in a mountain bike preserve in Bentonville, Arkansas. When you enter, the fun atmosphere persists. You will want to take advantage of this store if you're nearby. Order a cup of one of their single-origin brews, such as Sumatra or El Salvador.



Mina's World is a newcomer to the scene, having opened in 2020, but it already serves some of the best coffee in town. Additionally, it's the first QTPOC-owned and -operated coffee shop in Philadelphia. Passenger Coffee in Lancaster is another local source of coffee and chai. The "Pink Drink," a house-made chai latte or espresso infused with rose syrup, and the perennially popular cardamon hot chocolate are highlighted. Additionally, it is vegan-friendly thanks to the abundance of vegan baked goods and the availability of OkieDokie's gluten-free doughnuts.