Most dog owners find the shedding of their dog annoying and want a solution for this. I myself think it is terrible all those hairs in the house.

Trade your dog too, and this usually throughout the year instead of twice a year that you had in mind. I have a number of tips that will make your dog shed in a more pleasant way.

By applying these tips, your life can look a lot less ‘hairy’ and you will get time to do fun things with your four-legged friend and your family instead of having to brush.

Is the vacuum cleaner your daily friend and do you want to get rid of it!

After a tired day at work, you come home and then a huge whirlwind seems to have swept through the house. Everywhere you can see there is dog hair.

Instead of being able to recover after a long day at work, you fly back in quickly. First quickly remove the vacuum cleaner to vacuum everything from bottom to top and then just with the mop through it.

By the time you are around you can start the evening meal because the children almost come home from school. This way you stay busy and before you know it the children are in bed and you have been able to do nothing but work and brush, …

There is no time left to do fun things with your four-legged friend and your family and before you know it you will be in a rut and you will not get out.

Some theory:

The growth cycle of the hair.

Did you know that a hair growth cycle consists of five stages? The hair of our four-legged friend is not made to keep growing. When they have reached a certain length, they fall out.

A cycle can last 4-6 months for one variety and about two years for others.

The speed of hair growth cycles can be influenced by various factors:

  • General condition
  • Heredity
  • Hormones can play a role
  • Temperature changes
  • Light intensity
  • Nutrition
  • And finally manipulation, too much or wrong brushing of our dog

Temperature changes and shedding,

I want to say a bit more about this, dogs that sit inside a lot have different hairs than dogs that sit outside a lot.

In the fall it gets dark quicker, there are fewer hours of light and this starts the moulting of our dog. This moult is of course, short in duration and normally occurs twice a year and is called block moulting.

Our four-legged friend, who usually lives indoors during the winter and is therefore subject to artificial light, is more than happy to nestle next to the woodstove or the heating.

Due to the high temperatures and the dry air, often in combination with a poor diet, our dog gets a disturbed moult.

They call this mosaic head, meaning that the adjacent hair follicles are in different phases of the hair growth cycle, resulting in an irregular and continuous moulting. It makes some people really desperate or crazy!

You don’t have to spend hours brushing, there is an easier way to get rid of that dog hair

You would love to get rid of that daily brushing and rid of all those hairs and preferably as quickly as possible. No problem, there is a solution. We have a German shepherd and a Pug. Anyone who knows these breeds knows that a pug is huge.

As a worried mom and maybe a little bit of professional malformation (I work as a nurse), I didn’t want our kids and their toys full of dog hair hanging around, so at a certain point I walked around with the vacuum cleaner all day.

It even got so bad that when we were visited, I put the dogs outside or in the bench because if she caressed them I could start brushing again. My goal of the day was to keep the house hair-free, frustration at its best.

It made me crazy and the people around me became crazy about me. It couldn’t go on like this, so I went looking for a solution.

What is the best method to reduce the shedding of dogs?

After trying all sorts of things that didn’t work, I found a method and some tricks that do work, simple to apply and that produce lasting results.

  1. Did you know that it is important to let your dog out sufficiently in the winter so that he is exposed to temperature fluctuations? If we do not do this, the natural process of shedding is disrupted and we get a dog that is constantly in molting.
  2. It is also important for shedding that our dogs sleep in a cooler, dark place. Our dogs constantly live in artificial light in the winter while it has been dark outside for a long time, which again causes a disturbance of the moulting process. Also consider underfloor heating.
  3. You can try to increase the humidity in the house, this is better for our dog’s coat, there are different methods for this, pots on the heating, a special humidifier, etc.

How do you tackle the shedding of your pet in concrete:

Results visible in the short term

  • Wash your dog with special dog shampoo

Before I was my dog, I brush it outside so that all loose hairs are already gone as much as possible, (otherwise the drain might also clog).

I always wash our dogs twice together. After washing, rinse well and dry with a hair dryer so that the remaining loose hairs come out.

If you do not have a hairdryer available, I would brush the dog again when it is dry again until all loose hair is gone.

  • The first days after washing you remove the loose hair with a vacuum cleaner, but in a soft position, otherwise it is not pleasant for your dog.

My dog ​​does not mind the vacuum cleaner, on the contrary even but I can imagine that not all dogs like this, you can also remove the loose hair with a wet chamois leather.

  • Frequency of brushing: the variety determines the rhythm

By this I mean that some dogs need to be brushed on a regular basis to prevent tangles. Other varieties, on the other hand, do not and with too much brushing we will actually encourage hair loss.

  • Trim salon

If you have a dog with a difficult coat or thick undercoat and you no longer see the trees through the forest, I would visit an experienced groomer at least twice a year (during molting) after a visit to the groomer it also saves her a lot.

Long-term result:

  • Administering Zinc and Biotin

This is a dietary supplement. If the dog is deficient in zinc and biotin, problems can occur with the coat. This can manifest itself in a dull coat and excessive shedding.

  • Give the dog salmon oil regularly

Preferably salmon oil that contains high-quality Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon oil Can be considered as one of the most beneficial oils. This not only benefits the skin and coat but also the overall health of the dog, it also improves eyesight and cognition.

Other positive properties of salmon oil:

  • They ensure a shiny coat
  • Healthy skin
  • They shorten the moulting period
  • Increases the resistance and ensures a better immune system
  • Because they lower cholesterol our dog has less chance of problems with heart and blood vessels
  • May have a positive effect on allergies, itching and dry skin
  • Less chance of gout problems

It is also found commercially in the supplements that contain salmon oil, zinc and biotin, this aside because the cost may otherwise increase. Sometimes they also give sheep fat as a replacement, but I have no experience with this.

Giving a good natural food that contains a lot of premium quality meat (so no offal) is essential if you want your dog to shed less.

Your dog’s commercial food contains very little meat, the rest are fillers, colorants, preservatives, in other words all products that are harmful to your dog. This food is difficult for them to digest, so more waste has to be released (more bowel movements).

I noticed by switching to a good, natural diet with a lot of meat that my dogs started to shed much less, their fur shines and they are full of vitality.

As an extra you get on top of that they get a better metabolism so they produce less bowel movements, so also less work to clear this up.

Meat is digested more easily and absorbed, which benefits the entire health of our dog. By giving a high-quality meat feed, the coat will be better and the moulting will go better.

If your dog sheds excessively, an underlying disease or poor diet may be the cause.

If in doubt, I recommend that you always contact the vet.