Various terminology use in relation to Food, such as organic, kosher, vegetarian, etc. Halal is a term that you may need to become more familiar with. So, what is Halal Food near me? In Arabic, the word halal means “permissible.” It refers to everything acceptable in terms of diet according to Islamic law. That encompasses both what can be eaten and how the meal is prepared. For instance, Halal foods must not contain pork components and must be slaughtered in a specific way.

Halal Food Near Me

Where Can I Get Halal Food Near Me?

There are lots of excellent restaurants that serve halal Food. These restaurants are well-known for their extensive menu variety. They have a wide range, including regional ones. The top restaurants in the United States are in major cities such as New York, Washington, Chicago and San Francisco. These Eateries provide a wide range of delectable choices. Whether you are a resident or visiting, try them out. As a result, you don’t need to worry about where to eat halal food near me because there are numerous options. Here are a few examples of our discoveries in numerous cities and states.

Fatima’s Grill- California:

It’s not until you leave Southern California as a native resident that you appreciate how wonderful it is to have access to homemade tacos whenever you want them at any time. Mexican Food in cities like New York or even San Francisco is different. By all accounts, Fatimah’s Grill could remain in its niche while continuing to provide amazing falafels and shawarmas for which
Lebanese-American Ali Elreda first gained recognition.

Au za’atar – Newyork City:

Due to its tableside shawarma, Au Za’atar has recently become a social media sensation. Each shawarma, which comes in beef, lamb, or chicken, serves three to four people and is served fresh from the spit. It is accompanied by a mountain of hand-cut fries seasoned with sumac, parsley, and za’atar aioli. Menu items such as trays of lamb shank, lamb and chicken kebabs, filet mignon shish kebabs, tabouli salad, spicy falafel, different kinds of hummus, and kibbeh kras—the national dish of Lebanon—is also available. Kibbeh kras is a dish made with ground beef and bulgur wheat with onions and almonds.

Taj Mahal – Cedar Rapids, Lowa:

Taj Mahal is a halal Indian restaurant is famous for serving traditional Indian Food. If one sentence could sum it up, it would be “Homestyle Indian cuisine at its finest in a modest yet cozy setting.” Its menu offers delicious and filling vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives, a lunch buffet during the workweek, and a dinner buffet on certain nights. They also offer delivery and takeout. Therefore, whatever your preference, you’ll find something here that you like Taj Mahal is a one-stop shop for all your halal needs because it is close to a grocery store.

Mughlai Grill – Newyork:

Mughlai Grill at 6 Clinton St. is a good option for Indian cuisine. The delectable curries, tandoori chicken, and other traditional dishes serves at this beautiful restaurant. And, like the other restaurants on our list, the ingredients are all Halal-certified.

Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant – San Francisco:

Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant opened its doors in 1997 to serve the Muslim the population of the Bay Area delicious Chinese Food. Xuqun Yang and Feng Wang, a husband-and-wife team created their restaurant to cater to Muslims and
Cantonese-speaking diners since they discovered a severe lack of Northern Chinese Food, particularly halal Northern Chinese. The menu offers traditional meals like five-spice beef, cumin lamb, and Chinese-American favorites like sesame chicken and sweet & sour shrimp.

Shalimar – Iselin, New Jersey:

Shalimar, a South Asian-centric institution on Central Jersey’s Oak Tree Road has a sizable restaurant and a more intimate, always-open location immediately next door. Although the full-fledged restaurant also has a colorful sweets counter with treats like kheer, gulab jamun, and barfi. The butter chicken alone at Shalimar justifies its inclusion on this list. Still, it also includes many other fan favorites like chicken and cheese kebabs, biryani, fresh naan, nihari, and spiced lamb chops.

Assad’s Mediterranean Cuisine And Bakery – Cleveland, Ohio:

The little sandwich corner where this Palestinian family business serves its devoted patrons is constantly surrounded by the enticing odors of falafels, chicken and beef shawarmas, and pizza made in the Syrian style. These sandwiches cooks to order with a variety of toppings and wrapped in thin pita bread. You’ll want another as soon as you finish the first, so grab one to eat immediately and another to take.
Rich cuisine isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when most people think of Northeastern Ohio. However, because of the many Middle Eastern immigrants, it has many top-notch mom-and-pop eateries. Moreover, Assad’s Mediterranean Cuisine is one of these gastronomic gems. Now I’m the biggest fan after my first bite of the freshly cooked sandwiches at the bakery. This is my go-to halal Food near me when I visit the Cleveland area.

Sabri Nihari – Chicago:

In the Midwest, Sabri Nihari is a well-known destination for Pakistani cuisine. The restaurant’s famous nihari is a must-order, a hearty stew cooked with beef shank and bone marrow and served with naan. Chicken biryani, meat with spinach known as palak gosht, and frontier chicken are among popular menu items. Frontier chicken is a dish from northern Pakistan. Boneless chicken cooks over a low flame with other ingredients like onions, tomatoes, green peppers, garlic, ginger, and other herbs.


Where to find halal Food near me can be challenging, but at the same time it’s worth the effort. Check out the restaurants on our list if you want to get Halal food that is both tasty and healthy.

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