Best Indian Restaurant In The USA

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Indian restaurants in the US are renowned for their wide variety of cuisine. There is great variety within multiple cuisines, including many different regional Indian ones. Some big cities in the United States, such as New York, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, offer various exciting options, whether you live there or are just visiting, and you should try them out.

There are restaurants with very creative menus, and there are more traditional and authentic eateries. Some eateries combine traditional elements with innovation. Whatever suits your tastes, there is a tonne of options available. The Best Indian Restaurants in the USA are listed below, from cozy chaat joints to upscale tandoori hotspots.



The most exciting and diverse restaurant scene can be found in New York City, as it is one of the best Indian restaurants in the USA. You can find that country's cuisine and an excellent example of it. Therefore, it stands to reason that Indian cuisine would be famous in New York. That is different, though. It's a cuisine that struggles with NYC. The majority of options are fast-casual bowls inspired by Chipotle, overly complicated and fussy "modern" Indian food, or typical (and blasé) British curry house fare. Adda comes next. The menu also includes refusing in the form of fiery goat brains and gingery chicken livers (tawa kaleji). The meat-heavy menu shines on dishes like tender tandoori poussin and goat biryani. However, vegetarians can look forward to dishes like lotus root kofta, which is made with house-made paneer and arrives floating in an impossible-to-remove-from-your-mouth creamy fenugreek and tomato base. Naan stuffed with cheese is recommended to mop up the sauce.



Rasika has two locations in DC, one each in Penn Quarter and West End, where you can fill up on Modern Indian cuisine. There's a vast selection of tawa (griddle), sign (open barbecue), tandoori, and regional dishes here. They have a delicious dish called tawa baingan, made with eggplant, potatoes, peanuts, and spices. Then, either go traditional with tandoori chicken tikka or contemporary with lobster. Better still? Grab a few glasses because they are renowned for their extensive wine list.



Indian Accent has restaurants in both New York and New Delhi. Some of the best-tasting Indian food you've likely ever had is served at this upscale restaurant. They strive to experiment with new concepts while still maintaining the traditional components of the dishes they prepare. They offer both vegetarian and meat-based starters and main courses. You can choose a mid-course to eat between your appetizers and main course if you are starving. The ghee roast lamb will change your life, and the colorful meethe chawal will whisk you to Punjabi heaven.

Additionally, you can pick from various sides to go with your meal, and their menu also features an impressive selection of desserts. It is easy to understand why Indian Accent is considered to be among the best Indian restaurants in the USA, given the opulent setting, excellent location, and fantastic menu.



Dosa by Dosa is the confusingly named fast-casual offshoot of Dosa, a pair of fine-dining Indian restaurants in San Francisco. The staff at the restaurant across the bridge offers a more limited menu that includes salads, like a delicious one made with coconut, kale, and mung beans; street wraps, which are made from grilled Rotis stuffed with ingredients like prawns cooked in coconut milk and fresh curry leaves; and rice bowls, where homestyle meals like butternut squash daal are ladled over your choice of rice. (We heartily suggest the traditional South Indian dish lemon rice.) But the menu's highlight is the dosas, savory rice, and lentil crepes. The dosas, savory rice, and lentil crepes are the menu's main attraction and come with various fillings, from the most traditional—a masala potato mixture—to heartier dishes like creamy butter chicken. Whatever you decide, you'll leave with a full stomach and wallet.



Miami, Florida's Ghee Indian Kitchen is a well-known Indian eatery that serves a variety of traditional Indian dishes made with ingredients that are sourced locally. When you walk into the restaurant, you immediately get a modern, industrial vibe, and the customers adore how the air is filled with the various scents of the spices the chefs use to prepare their meals.

The extensive menu at Ghee Indian Kitchen offers a wide range of options, from appetizers and snacks to desserts. Saag paneer curry and chana masala are a few of them.



This Indian gastropub is close to the Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles. From burgers to street foods with Indian influences, their menu features a variety of mouthwatering-looking dishes. They have a restaurant in Los Angeles and the second business in Hollywood. The menu's variety is fantastic, and they also provide sauces and condiments in addition to a variety of fresh bread. Their samosas are to die for, and their tandoori chicken tikka is a legend. They also serve dishes that aren't Indian, like braised beef ribs and mango-glazed pork belly. Treat yourself to their oat milk chai if you visit early in the day.

Badmaash offers an online ordering option, similar to many restaurants, so you can place your order before having it delivered to your door. You can also place a takeout order over the phone or in person at the restaurant.